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VLAN Setup and Routing

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VLAN Setup and Routing

I have not had to configure VLANS before so this is new to me.

I have a server that multiple pc's communicate with all day everyday. I run a static network. Once a week I need to add a new device that has its own static address (that I can not change) and have it dump data to the same server. I think I need to create a VLAN for this new device. But am unsure how to get it to talk to the server which is on my default VLAN. I am using a HP Procurve 2910al-24G Switch (J9145A). The new device will come in on port 10 of the switch and the existing server is on port 16 of the same switch.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Re: VLAN Setup and Routing

For one device to reach another deivce that is in a different subnet, the first device needs to send packets to its default gateway (router), that router needs a route for the destination subnet, the router sends the packets to the route destination.

The remote device, to answer, needs to do the same thing.

You need to document your subnets for each VLAN and your router addresses for each subnet.

With that information, you can do your design.