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VLAN for Audio/Visual equipment

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VLAN for Audio/Visual equipment

I have audio visual equipment that I would like to put on a separate network from my workstations.  This equipment will not need to connect out to the internet only with each other.  I plan on giving all the equipment tv, various connections ip address manually.  I know that I would need to create a separate VLAN in all the switchs that will be attached and then untagg the ports will this type of setup work? Would I need to put a static route on my router?  Thanks.

Pieter 't Hart
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Re: VLAN for Audio/Visual equipment

you describe that you need a separate LAN with no traffic to other parts of the network.

using a VLAN is meant to do eaxactly that! so go ahead.

your last question answers NO, because your goal was to isolate the VLAN from the rest of your network.
so you don't need to connect a router to this vlan.

only if you DO want to access devices in this vlan, like for management of those equipment from other vlan(s),
then you do need to add a router with interfaces in both vlans.
if the router has an interface in this vlan then it allready knows the route
and if this is the only router in your network then you don't need to add a static route on this router.