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VLAN routing v2920 Level 3 switch


VLAN routing v2920 Level 3 switch

I am having a problem with the following network setup;

  • One Level 3 switch (V290-SPF):

           -IP (Default VLAN 1)
           -VLAN 2 (interface 2), IP Physically connected on port 3 with L2 switch)

Destination IP address       Mask                             Protocol     Preference      NextHop             Interface                                            Direct               0                     InLoopback0                              Direct               0                     InLoopback0                              Direct               0                VlanInterface1                         Direct               0                     InLoopback0                              Static             60                VlanInterface2


The last line was manually added, it does not show up in the routing table but only under the create tab in the IPv4 menu (webbased)

  • One Level 2 switch (HP procurve 1810G):

       -IP gateway (physically connected on port 3 with L3 switch)


  • Computer 1

        -IP: mask  gateway
          physically connected to L3 switch on port 1


  • Computer 2

       -IP:  mask gateway

       physically connected to L2 switch on port 1


The weird thing is that when i change the ip of computer 1 to and the gateway to, I am able to ping the L2 switch and even login to it. This is not possible visa versa with computer 2 (IP and gateway

What I am trying to accomplish is that both computers are located in different VLANs in a different subnet ( and where they are able to ping one another as so the switches.
I do not have a lot of experience with these devices/routing. If some one could help me with this issue I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance