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VRRP automatic failover

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VRRP automatic failover

Hi all, 

First post hoping you can share your experience. 


I have two core switches HP 54000l (at Site A (primary and Site B (secondary connected via fiber link. 

Switch A provides our egress to the internet and its uplink to all child switches is all child switches default gateway. 

Switch B traffic goes over this fiber link and egresses Site As WAN router in the same way as Switch A does.

I'm looking at the most optimal way to ensure ur child switches in Site A can retain access in the event of an Internet outage at Site A. Traffic would need to route to Site B.

I've reviewed HPs vrrp how to but its not helping much.  

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Re: VRRP automatic failover


Hope already VRRP is working and fail over tested; if yes, automatically child switch learn automatically during the failover and start working as usual