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VRRP config in Hp5406zl


VRRP config in Hp5406zl


we have two Hp5406zl switches firmware K15-08-0007.


We want to use them with VRRP in an "active / backup" config for default gateway redundancy.


Docs specify that  a VRRP router has an Owner and Backups routers, and Owner is Master with always a 255 priority.

Backups become Master only if Owner dies.



There is a new feature that TRACKS INTERFACES or TRUNKS but we can use it only on Backup VRs to reduce the priority "dinamically".


I need to know if it is possible to have a VRRP config without Ownre and only with Backups routers with different priority and where the Master releases the role in case a traked trunk goes down, not only when it dies.


And it is not clear il the current priority of theMaster , suppose 150, downgrade to 0 if a tracked interface goes down or if is it possible to downgrade the priority by steps like with CISCO HSRP.


Can someone help me ?


best regards