VRRP with IPv6

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VRRP with IPv6



I am about to implement IPv6 in our network and previous i have used VRRP for IPv4 for redundant gateways on servers

that have static configured IP.


The plan is to configure servers to run dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 (static IP) and i need redundant default gateways so VRRP for IPv6 came to my mind but it is not supported on 5406zl.


Anyone knows when/if 5406zl will support VRRP with IPv6 addresses ?


Or are there any other options to achieve redundant gateways in IPv6 that does not involve autoconfig of clients ?


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Re: VRRP with IPv6

Hi rickards


The first idea of ipv6 was to create gateway redundancy with the router announcments. VRRP over IPv6 is very young. I think the RFC is only a year old.


I think it will take years until it is implemented (because the Roadmap is big). If you want speed it up, open an FR over your local HP contact.





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