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VSF Stacking Bandwidth

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VSF Stacking Bandwidth


Can anyone confirm the VSF stacking bandwidth if I'm using 2 x 10Gig stack ports per slot on a pair of 2930Fs? 

Are all stacking ports active and forwarding?


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Re: VSF Stacking Bandwidth


On a pair of Switches deployed in VSF a single logical VSF Port should be used, on that single VSF Port one or more (generally up to physical interfaces can be aggregated...if you have aggregated two interfaces with, each one, a speed of 10Gbps - SFP+ case - then the VSF link bandwidth is the sum of single speed so 10Gbps+10Gbps=20Gbps.

On a KB.16.05.0007 note how the output of show vsf command, the VSF Port Speed references to the single interface speed and not about the aggregate speed (bandwidth):



VSF# show vsf link           

 VSF Member 1

                 Link     Peer   Peer
 Link Link-Name  State    Member Link
 ---- ---------- -------- ------ ----
 1    I-Link1_1  Up       2      1   

 VSF Member 2

 Link Link-Name  State    Member Link
 ---- ---------- -------- ------ ----
 1    I-Link2_1  Up       1      1   

VSF# show vsf       

 VSF Domain ID    : 1                                                 
 MAC Address      : f40343-XXXXXX    
 VSF Topology     : Chain                                   
 VSF Status       : Active                                  
 Uptime           : 403d 19h 11m
 VSF MAD          : OOBM                                    
 VSF Port Speed   : 10G                                     
 Software Version : KB.16.05.0007

 ID  MAC Address       Model                                 Pri Status         
 --- ----------------- ------------------------------------- --- ---------------
  1  f40343-XXXXXX     HP J9850A Switch 5406Rzl2             255 Commander      
  2  f40343-XXXXXX     HP J9850A Switch 5406Rzl2             128 Standby        



To see the bandwidth you should issue the show vsf link utilization command:



VSF# show vsf link detail 

 VSF Member: 1     Link: 1

 Port     State                                                             
 -------- ------------
 1/C7     Up: Connected to port 2/C7                                        
 1/C8     Up: Connected to port 2/C8                                        

 VSF Member: 2     Link: 1

 Port     State                                                             
 -------- ------------
 2/C7     Up: Connected to port 1/C7                                        
 2/C8     Up: Connected to port 1/C8                                        

VSF# show vsf link utilization 

 VSF Link Utilization:

               Link       Average Link
 Member  Link  Bandwidth  Utilization %
                           Rx        Tx
 ------  ----  ---------  -----     -----
 1       1     20G        0         0
 2       1     20G        0         0



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