Vlan for newbies

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Vlan for newbies



I've been looking for a way to stablish Vlans on my network, but as I'm quite dumb, seems I havent done it porperly. let me explain my setup:


I have 1 internet connection, using a 4 lan port router. 

to this router I have connected to port 1 a firewall that's working also as dhcp server for the lan (10.0.192.x/23). after this firewall I have a 48p 1910 switch

connected to te sithc I have several computers and 2 wirteless accesspoints

there is no Vlan configured


so, now I would like to have on my wireless ap, two different SSID, one for my current network (using my current dhcp and current services like printers etc; and a new SSID with direct access to my internet router, completly separated from my "principal" network. some sort of guest access


so my idea is that on the wireless ap, I setup a VLAN for the guest SSID, (Vlan 20Ç) configure the Vlan on my swithc on a specific port (lets say 48) and connect this 48 port directly to my internet router (with works with the 10.0.192. IP range range, and has it's own DHCP server


I followed this guide http://www.techieshelp.com/how-to-create-a-vlan-on-a-hp-v1910/ but with little sucess, I'm not able to get IP from my router's DHCP server connected to the SSID that has the VLAN.

is there something else to do, or the guide ios fine and I might have not followed it correctly?

also... can I have all devices without VLAN and have VLAN only for this matter?






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Re: Vlan for newbies

Upload your switch config, so we can see if it's OK  (=txt file)