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Vlans with A5120 and S5120

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Vlans with A5120 and S5120


I currently have 4, layer 3 switches, two A5120s and two S5120s. We are migrating from a flat network with each internal B class separating services. We have the need to setup at least two vlans, one fro VoiP and another for data. For right now, I am just trying to setup everything and get it all working on one switch, then I'll do the trunking.

The issue I am facing is the apparent absence of interVlan routing. To start, I had only two vlans setup on one of the S5120s:


1. - Management Lan - lets call it vlanA

2. - VoiP - lets call it vlanB

All ports on the switch were tagged for vlan 2, PVID of 2 as this will eventually be a dedicated VoiP switch. The problem I ran into was that I could not ping from any host on  vlanA from vlanB or vice-versa. For each vlan, each host was set as follows:





From vlanB, I'm able to access the switch itself, which sits on From vlanA, I am not able to access the switch, or the default gateway for vlanA of 


The only way I was able to get this to work was to set vlanA to, which seems to default the purpose of the vlans. I've read that IP routing had to be enabled, but I didn't see a specific option to enable it via the web interface. I've been using the web interface exclusively with the exception of initially setting up the switch with an IP. Do I need to enable ip routing via the cli?

The end goal here is for any device on an vlan to be able to access each other. I would eventually have like to have 3 vlans, 1 for management,  1 for data and one for voice. Any help on what I'm missing here would be appreciated.



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Re: Vlans with A5120 and S5120

Can you post the config please and mention to which port you were connecting while testing this and the IP address of the machine you were using and how did you configure the IP (static or DHCP)?

also post the below commands output:


display vlan 1

display vlan 2


Are the hosts and the phone going to be connected to the same port ? (pc to phone to switch port) ?