LAN Routing

What kind of method do I need to do this? PBR or Route Policy?


What kind of method do I need to do this? PBR or Route Policy?



I am looking to implement the following and wondered exactly what I should be looking at, as I do not understand the difference between the two options mentioned above?


Basically I have a separate organization which is going to be using our wiring/routing and Internet connection, however they want to use their own servers including proxy server for web filtering.


What I have done so far is place their client machines on a separate VLAN, and place their servers on a separate VLAN and place ACL's on each of these VLAN's so that they can only contact each other, and thus not disrupt my existing network.


All traffic comes back to a 5406zl L3 switch before going out to the Internet via our proxy and then the shared ISP router. At this point I need to make it so any traffic coming from their client and server VLAN does not go out the default route (to our proxy), but instead goes to their proxy and then the shared ISP router.  I believe this needs to be PBR but am unsure completely... I do have all v2 modules in the 5412zl device...