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com3 routing

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com3 routing

I have a com3 office connect 5 that is installed in a metal building with lines running into 3 separate offices.  I need to have wireless in one of these offices.  Can I plug a wireless router into the line running from the commercial router in my office to have wireless service there? 


Just to clarify...I have a windstream modem - the officeconnect5 router (not wireless)  is attached to this modem - there are 3 lines running out of the router into offices.  I want to connect a wireless router to one of the 3 lines.  I cannot put wireless in the original location of the modem due to the metal walls in the building.



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Re: com3 routing

You can do it, but the devices on connected would be segregated from the rest of your network (this is what routers do), 


You want a wireless access point, and if you talk to your security manager, the metal walls are a boon, not a curse.