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h3c and hp VVRP


h3c and hp VVRP

I have a HP 5406zl switch and HP A5500 switch. I was wondering whether vvrp configuration is able to work between this two different swith? Please advice. Thanks.

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Re: h3c and hp VVRP



VRRP is standard protocol, so it works fine between the provision 5400 and the comware 5500.

The provision only supports the basic features, so there is no vrrp authentication or loadbalancing supported, but basic config (active/standby) works fine, with either of them as master or backup.

Recommendation is to use 3IPs : 1 physical for each device, and 1 virtual(VIP) IP for VRRP.

On the 5400, make sure to use current firmware, older versions did not support ping to the VIP when it was configured as backup.


Best regards,Peter.