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ip-helper - HP 2920 stack

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ip-helper - HP 2920 stack



I am trying to set up a network with users on one VLAN and Servers on the other just for practice. I can't seem to find the ip-helper setting, is this a command line option? If so can you provide me with the specific, I have tried a couple but they they do not seem to work on my switch. It is a HP 2920 


Thank you

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Re: ip-helper - HP 2920 stack

After 401 views and still no one able to help I have found the answer for myself, 


for anyone looking for the same answer this is the solution.


After telnetting to the switch and logging in rather than typing 'menu' type 'config' and enter the below commands (without < >)


vlan xx
name "xxx"
ip address <VLAN IP> <subnet mask>
ip helper-address <ip address of dhcp server>
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