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issues after upgrade

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issues after upgrade

Good morning,


On my J8692A-3500-24G-POE-YL i was running K.14.41. I upgraded le flash to the last one available : K.15.06. Now i have :

# show flash 
Image           Size(Bytes)   Date   Version
-----           ----------  -------- -------
Primary Image   : 14844423   10/09/11 K.15.06 
Secondary Image : 9798890   08/27/09 K.14.41 
Boot Rom Version: K.15.19

 But after this upgrade igmp does not work properly. igmp join and leave are mainly ignored. If i boot on the secondery image, the old one, it looks like igmp is totaly ignored and the default gateway also.


What can i do ? I did a backup of the confg before upgrade by tftp like this :

# copy tftp flash K_15_06.swi primary


Regards, Fabien.

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Re: issues after upgrade

A difference between the K14 and the K15 series is news automatic filters about IGMP.


The guide "Multimedia Traffic Control with IP Multicast (IGMP) " :

Each multicast host group is identified by a single IP address in the range of
Specific groups of consecutive addresses
in this range are termed “well-known” addresses and are reserved for
predefined host groups. IGMP does not filter these addresses, so any packets
the switch receives for such addresses are flooded out all ports assigned to
the VLAN on which they were received (except the port on which the packets
entered the VLAN).


239.0.0.x used is in the "well-known" addresses. By using 239.1.1.x instead of a well-known address all is running as expected.