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ospf and vlan on A5500

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ospf and vlan on A5500

ring topology... actually multiple rings connected... all a5500 series switches.. wanting to setup OSPF for redundancy.. have a need to pass layer2 vlans across all switches...

what is best way to accomplish this? is ospf capable alone or is there a mixture of ospf and stp that has to be used... 

link-mode route or link-mode bridge?

tried bridge and vlan interfaces without stp and when ring is connected switches stop working as it creates loop...

have working in route mode now without vlans but unsure if passing same vlans over switches is possible this way..


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Re: ospf and vlan on A5500

OSPF is layer3 protocol, it only helps filling your route table....but it isn't aware of any VLANs

If you need the same VLAN and subnet on all switches, this results in flat layer2 netwok , and STP is the way to go.

An alternative might be a per switch "localized" VLAN setup with routing between switches. All switches have their own set of VLANs (like 10=data, 11=guest 12=voip) but those VLANs are routed between switches.  So DataVLAN on switchX must be on different subnet than DataVLAN on switchY.  Needless to say this requires all L3 switches.