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routing between networks with HP 2910al


routing between networks with HP 2910al

Hello.  This is my first post to this forum.


I would like to know how I could go about routing traffic between two networks using a switch (hp 2910al).  We are currently using an old windows 2003 server that is on its last leg, and rather than replace the box for simple routing, I would much rather use two of our switch ports.


Any pointers on where I might look/start?


FYI - one network is our SAN network and the other would be our admin lan.  The SAN network should only be accessible by authorized hosts on the admin lan, primarily the IT shop.



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Re: routing between networks with HP 2910al

All you need to do to turn on routing between the networks is add the appropriate switch ports to the appropriate VLANs, add an IP address to each VLAN, and turn on IP routing. Then if you set the switch to be your default gateway on your clients (presumably the simplest thing would be to take over the addresses from the old server), it will route between them.

To only allow certain hosts access to the SAN, you will need to add ACLs (access control lists). There is more than one way to do this, but i would suggest the simplest in this case is to use a routing ACL on the VLAN interface. You can do it on the outgoing routing from the admin VLAN, or the incoming interface on the SAN VLAN, whichever makes the most sense to you. (My guess is putting source IP limitations on the incoming interface on the SAN VLAN will be the most suitable for you.)

For more details, check out the relevant sections in the Multicast & Routing Guide and Access Security Guide at


Re: routing between networks with HP 2910al



Thanks.  I will give this a shot.  i will also take a look at the guide you suggested.