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super slow adsl 11n

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super slow adsl 11n

I was replacing and older router ( an 812 ) with a ADSL Wirerless 11n.     I took a while but I fnally got it to work and the thing is a dog.  it is as bad as dial up. 

Any ideas on why it would be so slow?

This is a set of for SOHO and all I was trying to do to get it running was have one computer plugged into a port in the back of the router to test it and its speed. 

The telco wants PPPoA, DHCP server, the VPI /VCI is set at 0 and 35.    I know I'm set like my old router but I must be missing a new setting on the new router.  Any ideas?

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Re: super slow adsl 11n

This sounds like a bad line quality.

On the router chaech the ADSL status, noise margins, etc...

Paste that page here to help you further.

PS: Your VPI and VCI depends on your ISP and location, so, information on that woudl help us tell you if they are correct or not.


Hope this helps

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The Tech Man Has Spoken....