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Re: vlans and truks on hp switches

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vlans and truks on hp switches

I have a network of hp switches and ubiquiti wifi devices.  I want to seperate the Guest network on a seperate vlan to be able to send it out a different port on the firewall.  I need to maintain the vlan 1 (default) accross all the switches for office computer use.  The main switch is an HP 1920 -24g POE and all the other switches are HP 1820-24g (Total 3) switches.  I setup the access points to put the guest data on vlan 20 and the devices that are connected to the 1920 work fine.  The problem is that when i try to get the access points on the other switches back to the main switch either vlan 1 or vlan 20 doesn't work.  I tried to setting up the ports that connect the swiches with vlan 1 (untagged)  and vlan 20 (tagged)  and that doens't work. i tried setting up the connections ports as a trunk but vlan 20 doen't work.  On the 1920 switch you can associate a vlan with a trunk port but on the 1820 you can't associate the vlans with the trunk.  Any help would be appreaciated.


Re: vlans and truks on hp switches

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Can you output or screenshot any config of the switches especially the 1820s in regards to the ports connecting the switches?



Re: vlans and truks on hp switches

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can you show the config and networking topology?


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