vrf lite

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vrf lite


I am looking for documentation on vrf-lite without mpls. The docuementation link on older forums are not working.

Can anyone point out the documenation link for vrf-lite

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Re: vrf lite

Multi-CE or VRF-Lite (where VRF is Virtual Routing and Forwarding Instance) as a feature implemented on HPE Comware operating system based Switches and/or on HP ProVision operating system (now rebranded as ArubaOS-Switch operating system), formerly known as HP ProCurve, based Switches?

The first case seems was covered by various documents (and, at least, by a Technical Configuration Guide of 2013), the second one...while advertised in this 2011 brochure (valid only for 5400zl Series using new, for that time, v2 zl Modules engineered using a new ASIC)...still looks unsupported (in other terms HP ProCurve Switches, HP ProVision operating system based, seem to not provide VRF feature as some Comware operating system based Switches do).

An example where Comware based Switches are used to implement VRF on a network which involves also HP ProCurve Switches can be found here.

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