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vrrp and dhcp relay create duplicate pacquet

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vrrp and dhcp relay create duplicate pacquet


Just detected an issues on our DHCP servers with network behind a VRRP gateway.

Both switches in the vrrp group forward the DHCPDISCOVER paquet to our DHCP Servers.

I know the configuration on Cisco devices (, but couldn't find any documentation on hp devices (Model: 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP w/ firmware: 7.1.045, Release 2422P01).

Using dhcp relay statistics interface Vlan-interface XX, I can see that both switches are relaying the pacquet

vrrp and vlan interface configuration are as below:

dis vrrp int vlan 62
IPv4 Virtual Router Information:
Running mode : Standard
Total number of virtual routers on interface Vlan-interfacexx : 1
Interface VRID State Running Adver Auth Virtual
Pri Timer Type IP
VlanXX 62 Master 224 100 None


dis cur int vlan xx
interface Vlan-interfacexx
description Clients VDI Conseil Administration
ip address
vrrp vrid xx virtual-ip
vrrp vrid 62 priority 224
vrrp vrid 62 preempt-mode delay 180
dhcp select relay
dhcp relay server-address
dhcp relay server-address


Can anyone tell me which feature to enable on top of vrrp to resolve those duplicate paquet ?


Thanks & Best Regards.