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LVM and VxVM
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11iv2 and vgmodify (changing MAX PV)

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Tom Haddad
Super Advisor

11iv2 and vgmodify (changing MAX PV)

I have looking to change  the MAX PV setting on a VG

I de-activated the VG.  Say the MAX_PV is currrently 50 (and my ACT/CUR  PV is 50)..after running "vgmodify -t /dev/vgxxx", I was able to change it to 80 (as an example) without "renumbering", using "vgmodify -p xx /dev/vgxx"


I really want to double from 50 to 100, then I have to use the -n option.

When I run "vgmodify -p xx -n /dev/vgxxx" , its returns error saying extend 0 on certain PVs must be freed.


So I learned I need to move extent 0 to a free extent on the SAME DISK..using"pvmove /dev/dsk/cxxtyydz:0 /dev/dsk/cxxtyydz" but wait I cant!!  ALL PVS (extents) allocated/in use!


What do I do?

Tom Haddad
Super Advisor

Re: 11iv2 and vgmodify (changing MAX PV)

think i have the answer.. I discovered that you can move extent 0 from disk X to ANY disk with free extents (in the same VG of course).  I will extend the VG by 1 free disk as i need...


Comments anyone??