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Add new disk

Having an issue trying to add a new disk. Created a new 20Gb disk via Command view eva and presented to my server hp-ux 11.23 OS.

#ioscan -kfC disk //no new disks appear
#sam //new disk is visable in disks and filesystems

I attempt to initialize it via LVM and SAM and it returns an error: The physical volume "/dev/dsk/c0t0d2" is already recorded in the "/etc/lvmtab" file.

In fact it is recorded in the /etc/lvmtab because it is the same name as another disk already on the system:

#strings /etc/lvmtab



I am at a complete loss as to why this is happening.

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Re: Add new disk

Somehow I doubt if LUN 2 is the latest added LUN ...

What LUN did you present?

Make sure to present it to the correct host and check if the host mode is hp-ux.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Add new disk

Ok assigning a new LUN fixed the issue. I now understand why as well. There is additional disk information in the lvmtab that I did not mention since my original post was based off of memory. Here is the whole lvmtab:

# strings /etc/lvmtab

(/dev/vg02 is the new disk and lun)

CVA auto assined LUN number 2 and because /dev/vg09 already has it, it was returning an error. This appears to be an error because vg09 does not exist. I recreated lvmtab with with vgscan -a. All appears to be well.

Thanks for the help.

Re: Add new disk

The issue was an incorrect entry in the /etc/lvmtab that was showing a volume group with disks in it that did not actually exist. I moved the lvmtab file to lvmtab.old and ran vgscan -a to recreate it. After this in CVA I was able to assign LUN 2 to the newly created vdisk. After that initializing the disk was not a problem.