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Change from vg00 small disk to vg01 big disk

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Change from vg00 small disk to vg01 big disk

My project: i want to migrate from a vg00(actual 75GB disk) to a new vg01 (300GB disk),hpux is 11.31 on itanium efi system.
vg00 is disk0
vg01 is disk8
I did this

#check old disk dimension
diskinfo -b /dev/rdisk/disk0_p2 | awk '{print $1/1024}'
#create a part file
vi /tmp/partition
HPUX 100%
#efi partition on new disk
idisk -f /tmp/partui -w /dev/rdisk/disk8
insf -e
pvcreate -B /dev/rdisk/disk8_p2
#make bootable
mkboot -e -l  /dev/disk/disk8
echo 'boot vmunix -lq' > /tmp/AUTO
efi_cp -d /dev/disk/disk8_p1 /tmp/AUTO EFI/HPUX/AUTO


then i create vg01

mkdir /dev/vg01
mknod /dev/vg01/group c 128 0x010000
vgcreate -V 2.2 -S 280g -s 32m  vg01 /dev/disk/disk8_p2
#create volumes 3 contiguos
lvcreate -L DIMENSIONEMEGA -C y -n lvol1 /dev/vg01
lvcreate -L DIMENSIONEMEGA -C y -n lvol2 /dev/vg01
lvcreate -L DIMENSIONEMEGA -C y -n lvol3 /dev/vg01
#other volumes
lvcreate -L DIMENSIONEMEGA -C y -n lvol4 /dev/vg01
lvcreate -L DIMENSIONEMEGA -C y -n lvol5 /dev/vg01
#boot volumes
lvlnboot -b /dev/vg01/lvol1
lvlnboot -s /dev/vg01/lvol2
lvlnboot -d /dev/vg01/lvol2
lvlnboot -r /dev/vg01/lvol3
lvlnboot -R



After this i have mount the new vg01volumes
create ok lvol1 with hfs and others with vxfs
And i put my backups(cpio)
on the new root.
After this i boot from vg01 and..kernel panic
I can boot of course from old vg00
Won't boot in any mode,i have try -lq and -lm
nothing happens
What i miss?

I see also something strange

strings /etc/lvmtab



vg01 not appear :(

But vgdisplay,mount and fsck of vg01 volumes ok.


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Re: Change from vg00 small disk to vg01 big disk

With version 1.0 vgscan report also vg01(wich

appear in lvmtab)
Is possible to convert a bootable vg01 1.0
to bootable vg01 2.2?
I heard somewhere that vg01 2.2 support

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Re: Change from vg00 small disk to vg01 big disk


I try with vg 1.0 and is the same thing

Here the error messages



    System Console is on the Built-In Serial Interface                                                                                
AF_INET socket/streams output daemon running, pid 50                                                                                  
afinet_prelink: module installed                                                                                                      
Starting the STREAMS daemons-phase 1                                                                                                  
LVM : Failure in attaching PV (dev=0x100000e) to the root volume group.                                                               
The physical volume does not exist, or is not configured in the kernel                                                                
LVM : Activation of root volume group failed                                                                                          
Quorum not present, or some physical volume(s) are missing                                                                            
LVM: Scanning for Root VG PVs (VGID 0x1223746d 0x53062528)                                                                            
LVM: Rootvgscan detected 1 PV(s).  Will attempt root VG activation using                                                              

LVM: Root VG activated                                                                                                                
    Swap device table:  (start & size given in 512-byte blocks)                                                                       
        entry 0 - major is 64, minor is 0x10002; start = 0, size = 8388608                                                            
    Dump device table:  (start & size given in 1-Kbyte blocks)                                                                        
        entry 0000000000000000 - major is 1, minor is 0xa; start = 4004704, size = 4194304                                            
Create STCP device files                                                                                                              
Starting the STREAMS daemons-phase 2                                                                                                  
     $Revision: vmunix:    B.11.31_LR FLAVOR=perf init died with return value 256.                                                    
Please check for init's execute permission,                                                                                           
init's location and the root partition's location.                                                                                    

Message buffer contents after system crash:                                                                                           

panic: init died                                                                                                                      
Stack Trace:                                                                                                                          
  IP                  Function Name                                                                                                   
  0xe0000000009b04e0  $cold_rexit+0x370                                                                                               
  0xe000000001000990  syscall+0x5a0                                                                                                   
End of Stack Trace                                                                                                                    

linkstamp:          Mon Jan 20 13:14:40 MET 2014                                                                                      
_release_version:   @(#) $Revision: vmunix:    B.11.31_LR FLAVOR=perf                                                                 
Calling function e0000000019bb460 for Shutdown State 1 type 0x2                                                                       

sync'ing disks (0 buffers to flush):                                                                                                  
 0 fcache pages still dirty                                                                                                           
 0 buffers not flushed
 0 buffers still dirty
Calling function e000000172b9e3a0 for Shutdown State 9 type 0x2
Calling function e000000172b9e3a0 for Shutdown State 9 type 0x2
        i 0 pfn 0x1 pages 0x9f
        i 1 pfn 0x100 pages 0x3e776
        i 2 pfn 0x3eb8e pages 0x2ec
        i 3 pfn 0x3fc00 pages 0x22a
        i 4 pfn 0x100000 pages 0x1ffffe
        i 5 pfn 0x4040000 pages 0xbeffe
        i 6 pfn 0x40ff000 pages 0xcac
        i 7 pfn 0x40ffd16 pages 0xf0
        i 8 pfn 0x40ffe80 pages 0x160
*** Not enough CPUS for a compressed dump ***

*** A system crash has occurred. (See the above messages for details.)
*** The system is now preparing to dump physical memory to disk, for use
*** in debugging the crash.

*** The dump will be a SELECTIVE dump with
    compression OFF and concurrency ON:  1313 of 12269 megabytes.
*** To change this dump type, press any key within 10 seconds.
*** Proceeding with selective dump, with compression off and concurrency on.

Primary Dump Header Location :
Device details: 
    Major number: 0x1f  Minor number: 0x21000 
    Offset:  4004704.
*** The dump may be aborted at any time by pressing ESC.
*** Dumping: 100% complete (1313 of 1313 MB)                      
time: 50 seconds, Number of Dump units: 1


Emil Velez_2
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Re: Change from vg00 small disk to vg01 big disk

The simpler procedure would have been to use DRD to clone the boot disk to the other disk and just boot from the clone then if everything is ok then delete the original.
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Re: Change from vg00 small disk to vg01 big disk

To view VG's from LVM 2.0+ you should use the command 'lvmadm -l'.  This will display info for all VG's.


>>And i put my backups(cpio)
>>on the new root.


Were these backups created before you made the new VG?  At any rate, I am not sure this will work.


As Emil states using DRD to clone to the bigger disk may be the way to go.  You will have to boot into LVM maintenance mode to expand the LV's.


Another option is to create an Ignite image of VG00 and then restore that image to the bigger disks.  Again, you will have to make adjustments to utilize the extra space.



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