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Re: Configuration MSA60 on rx2660


Configuration MSA60 on rx2660

Hi all,

I bought by HP a rx2660+msa60 + HP-UX 11.31 (SAS). I worked until now only with HP9000 PA-RISC systems + HP-UX 11.11 (SCSI).
Which tool or which command must i use, to install the internal and external disks ? I can not find a good documentation. I collected some information about the system. (see todo_3)

Thank you.
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Re: Configuration MSA60 on rx2660


MSA60 is supported on both PA-RISC and Itanium.

The 11.31 system needs a scsi card and connector. If this hardware was available at install time, e.g. the MSA-60 was powered up and connected with no scsi conflict, then it should have been auto detected.

insf -C disk

Will detect disks.


The doc in this matter need not be 11.31 specific.

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Re: Configuration MSA60 on rx2660


I have used these for the MSA30 card configuration. ( I think this might work with the MSA 60 also !!)

There should be a manual that comes along with the disk and it has the tools and commands well explained.
# saconfig /dev/cissX - will display the config info

# saconfig /dev/cissX â R < Raid level> -S < Stripe Size> -p < Chanel:target> -p â ¦ -s
# saconfig /dev/cissX to confirm the configuration.

# to add a spare drive to a existing logical drive
# saconfig /dev/cissX â A < Logical Drive # > -s < Chanel:target>
# to delete logial drive
# saconfig /dev/cissX â D < Logical drive #>

# To clear configurations
# saconfig /dev/cissX â D all

Rgds/ James

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Re: Configuration MSA60 on rx2660

The sasd device is the built-in SAS controller, the ciss_ devices are smart array controllers:

ext_bus 0 0/3/0/0/0/0 ciss CLAIMED INTERFACE PCIe SAS SmartArray P400 RAID Controller
ext_bus 3 0/5/0/0/0/0 ciss CLAIMED INTERFACE PCIe SAS SmartArray P800 RAID Controller

There are several items in failed state - please check!

You will use "saconfig" to configure the RAID.

Hope this helps!

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