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Create Vg from Hitachi stroage

Dhananjaya Amarakoon
Regular Advisor

Create Vg from Hitachi stroage

Hi Friends

I have RP4440 server which is running HP-UX V1.
this server was recently connected with Hitachi SAN. According to them there should be 4 path should be there.

I am planing to create vg using PV links. My problem is when I execute ioscan -fnC disk command it shows large number of disks ( Hitachi ) for one LUN was presented from SAN end.

I want to know which disks I should take for create a VG ?

Command out put has attached.

Re: Create Vg from Hitachi stroage

Are you certain that you (or your storage administrator) has provisioned a LUN for use on this server? Is SANtinel or other security applied properly?

I ask because I don't see the devices that would indicate a LUN has been presented, only the Hitachi SAN disk subsystems.
Dhananjaya Amarakoon
Regular Advisor

Re: Create Vg from Hitachi stroage

Yes, they mentioned they have presented around 130 GB LUN to this server. ( Have to clarify it again ) By the way what is HITACHI DISK-SUBSYSTEM and HITACHI OPEN-V mean ?

don't u believed those are come due to LUN was presented to the server ?