Disk failure

John Jayaseelan
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Disk failure


Hp-UX 11.00 on a D380 server.

One of the disks used by a LV is failed. But the failed disk might not have any data for the LV. There is no backup of the LV.

Is the removal of the disk from the LV & VG can help recovering the LV.?

Please tell if there any other ways of recovering the LV.

John Jayaseelan
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Re: Disk failure

Hi John,

You can try running vgcfgbackup and then remove the failed disk and insert new disk and then run vgcfgrestore.

before doing this take backup of /etc/lvmconf

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Re: Disk failure

Can you do pvdisplay on it?? Does it show any lvol on it?? Is that lvol mounted?? If yes, try copying files to some location.

If there are no lvols on it, just replace it (you will have to shutdown if disk is not hot swappable) and do vgcfgrestore -n /dev/vgxx /dev/rdsk/cxtxdx
vgchange -a y vgxx.
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Sivakumar TS
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Re: Disk failure

Dear John,

whenever you do any change in LVM config the vgcfgbackup is run.

so you can replace the disk and run vgcfgrestore to get back your VG config.

WIth Regards,

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