Errors on boot disk


Errors on boot disk

Hi, I have a rather old hpux L2000-5X. We have a live client running on this machine.An unrecoverable disk error occured on the boot disk on a non-essential filesystem, I recreated the filesystem on a different disk, and was forced to allow the users back in. I have an engineer arriving on Thursday to replace the boot disk. I expect to have to recreate the volume group from a make_tape_recovery backup. However we do have a spare internal disk which is totally unused, The system doesn't have mirror disk so thats not an option.
How can I use that spare disk so I dont have to recreate the vg00 from make_tape_recovery?
ioscan -funC disk
Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
disk 0 0/0/1/1.2.0 sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE HP 36.4GMAN3367MC
/dev/dsk/c1t2d0 /dev/rdsk/c1t2d0
disk 3 0/0/2/0.0.0 sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE SEAGATE ST336704LC
/dev/dsk/c2t0d0 /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0
disk 1 0/0/2/0.2.0 sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE HP 36.4GST336607LC
/dev/dsk/c2t2d0 /dev/rdsk/c2t2d0
disk 2 0/0/2/1.2.0 sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE HP DVD-ROM 305
/dev/dsk/c3t2d0 /dev/rdsk/c3t2d0

Disk c1t2d0 is out boot disk
Disk c2t2d0 is unused
Any help appreciated.
Pete Randall
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Re: Errors on boot disk

I think you would want to use the spare disk to create a "lifeboat", using dd, then swap your lifeboat into the slot occupied by the failed disk.

See Clay's "lifeboat" comments in this thread:


Steven E. Protter
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Re: Errors on boot disk

Shalom Nick,

Because you already have errors this procedure might not protect you but you should do it anyway.

pvcreate -B /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0 #use real disk

mkboot -l /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0
mkboot -a "hpux -lq (;0)/stand/vmunix" /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0 # use real disk

# mkboot -b /usr/sbin/diag/lif/updatediaglif -p ISL -p AUTO -p HPUX -p PAD -p LABEL /dev/rdsk/c?t?d?

If you are running 64-bit OS:

# mkboot -b /usr/sbin/diag/lif/updatediaglif2 -p ISL -p AUTO -p HPUX -p PAD -p LABEL /dev/rdsk/c?t?d?

vgextend /dev/vg00 /dev/dsk/c1t0d0 # same thing
lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg00/lvol1 /dev/dsk/c1t0d0

# real disk. repeat for other lvols

lvlnboot -r /dev/vg00/lvol3 # root fs /
lvlnboot -s /dev/vg00/lvol2 #swap
lvlnboot -d /dev/vg00/lvol2 #swap/dump
lvlnboot -b /dev/vg00/lvol1
lvlnboot -R
lvlnboot -v
setboot -a 52.1.0 # second disk

I'd have a nice Ignite backup handy from before the error as well. make_tape_recovery or make_net_recovery.

Thosse are great servers btw.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Errors on boot disk

I may give that a go. I do have several DLT and DDS make_tape_recovery tapes available and I'm still able to create them now that the filesystem with the error is offline and I can include the live database. I may just go down the make_tape_recovery route as I do have errors on the root disk and I have a small time window to do the recovery. I'm a bit of an all rounder rather that an HP expert so I need the tried and tested route.