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Re: FSCK giving error ERROR: V-3-25290

Rajendra prasad NVR
Frequent Advisor

FSCK giving error ERROR: V-3-25290

[root@zalenbu1]:/root> fsck -F vxfs /dev/vgSTSP/lvol59
UX:vxfs fsck: ERROR: V-3-25290: could not read from block offset devid/blknum 0/32767999. Device may be missing in vset.
UX:vxfs fsck: ERROR: V-3-20694: cannot initialize aggregate
file system check failure, aborting ...

Please help me how i can resolve this logical voulme error
Honored Contributor

Re: FSCK giving error ERROR: V-3-25290

Hmm... this looks like a HP-UX question in the Linux section of the ITRC Forums. I'll request the moderators to move this thread to the correct section.

The error message suggests the fsck command cannot read the LV for some reason. The most common root cause for problems like this could be a failure of the physical disk.

Is the VG activated and in good condition? If it's mirrored, what's the status of the mirror halves? (See "vgdisplay -v vgSTSP".)

Do you have a backup of this filesystem?

Does "lvdisplay -v /dev/vgSTSP/lvol59" list any stale extents?

Is there any indications of I/O errors in /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log? Any lbolt messages?

Bill Hassell
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Re: FSCK giving error ERROR: V-3-25290

As mentioned, you have a disk failure. Look in syslog.log to verify that occurrence. Did someone try to resize this lvol (like lvreduce)? If so, the lvol is now missing required extents, thus the error message. lvreduce does not resize a filesystem, it removes extents. You will need the optional product Online JFS to rearrange the filesystem before you use lvreduce.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: FSCK giving error ERROR: V-3-25290

can you verify if all disks are in CLAIMED state.

if disks are OK, you may try to do fsck from alternate block with -b option.

-b blocknum
Use the specified blocknum as the superblock for the file system. An alternate superblock can usually be found at block ((SBSIZE+BBSIZE)/DEV_BSIZE), typically block 16. DEV_BSIZE is defined in . You can also find a list of alternate superblocks in /var/adm/sbtab (see mkfs(1M)).

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Rajendra prasad NVR
Frequent Advisor

Re: FSCK giving error ERROR: V-3-25290

This error because of BCV set up in my environment. BCV are not sync so error.
Once again we sync original volume error was eliminated.
Ian Patterson

Re: FSCK giving error ERROR: V-3-25290

hello there, This information is good but I have also found that you should check the lvmtab in /etc since in my case I had a server that would not boot and dropped out to command prompe the server was running hpux 11.23 and when I ran the ioscan on the disks could see that there were no bad disks evident.
A check on the lvmsta "strings lvmtab" showed that the file was only two lines long when I had two volume groups and eight disks so the size was wrong. I had a spare copy of the lvmtab as I do a daily generation of this file and was able to copy a good copy into place the server was rebooted and all is well.
I have no idea why the lvmtrab was corrupted and will watch for this in future but haveing a spare working copy is a really good idea here.