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HP-UX 11.23, kctune config

SAS for HP-UX for the Itanium Processor Family requires the kernel parameter "streampipes" to be turned on. To verify if your system has "streampipes" turned on, you should perform the following command:

/usr/sbin/kmtune -q streampipes

If "streampipes" are configured properly, the following output should be produced:
Parameter Current Dyn Planned Module Version
streampipes 1 - 1
If the value of the "Current" column is not "1", "streampipes" are not configured correctly. To configure "streampipes", please refer to the HP-UX System's Documentation for assistance. A rebuild of the HP-UX kernel will typically be required after defining the kernel parameter "streampipes" correctly.

Note: If your operating system level is HP-UX 11.23, please substitute the kmtune command with kctune.

My output is:
# kctune -q streampipes
Tunable Value Expression
streampipes 0 Default

Question is how to turn on "streampipes"? Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: HP-UX 11.23, kctune config

Use the command

kctune streampipes=1

This will set the value immediately.

If you want to be used when the system reboots, use the following.

kctune -h streampipes=1

Read the manpages.
man kctune
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Re: HP-UX 11.23, kctune config

streampipes is not dynamic. You need a system reboot to take affect the change.

For 11.23 kctune can be used.

#kctune streampipes=1

If this tunable is set to a non-zero value, the pipemod and pipedev module and driver must be configured in the file /stand/system.

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Re: HP-UX 11.23, kctune config

thanks guys. answer is perfect. :)