HP-UX Mirror question

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HP-UX Mirror question

Dear experts,

I would like to know does it require reboot/restart of the HP-UX / service when I install the LVM mirror option?

Also do it need to reboot / restart when I create a pair of mirror?

do it need to reboot / restart when I split a pair of mirror?

My OS version 11i

Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: HP-UX Mirror question

Hi Ban,

I believe there is some clarification required.

To install Mirror/UX software, yes - you will need to reboot the system.

TO create a pair of mirror - you don't need to. There is a seperate process for mirroring the boot disks. Search the forums for 'bootdisk mirror' and you will find many threads on it. It is a good idea to test the mirror if it is done on the boot disks whenever you get a chance.

Again to split the mirror, you don't need to reboot. However, if it is the boot disk and if you want to access the mirror copy, you will need to. There is a bit of procedure involved with it.

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bhavin asokan
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Re: HP-UX Mirror question


for installing a mirror unix software you require a reboot.for mirroring or spliting reboot is not required.

B2491BA ----is used for hpux11,11i,11iv2
B5403BA ----is used for hpux10.20

it is a licenced software and it is available in the app software cd.

the procedure for mirroring root disk is attached.for a non-boot disk use pvcreate without -B option and avoid mkboot & lvlnboot commands.
Ivajlo Yanakiev
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Re: HP-UX Mirror question

You do not need reboot after mirroring.
But I think that it will be nice to do it :))
I prefer to do some test after mirorring Vg00.
I reboot my server and start it from second disk.