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HP-UX native multipath and Powerpath co-existence

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HP-UX native multipath and Powerpath co-existence

We are going to migrate storage from EMC Symmetrix boxes to 3PAR.

Basically, from the HW point of view, the current SAN switches will be "extended"

to the new one so that LUN can be presented to hosts from both boxes;

the current HBA to SAN switch connection will remain the same.

Powerpath from EMC is the multipath software currently used and native HP-UX

11.31 v3 will be the only multipathing software used at the end of the migration.


Now, how does the 2 multipath stacks "work" together? I mean 3PAR LUN should

be seen via native MPIO only and EMC LUN should continue to be seen only by Powerpath:

how does one stack "ignore" the LUN from the other?










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Re: HP-UX native multipath and Powerpath co-existence


You could just get rid of powerpath, and use hpux mpxio for EMC disks and HP disks.


If not:


PowerPath Version 5.1 disables native multipathing at the device
level for legacy-style devices. When devices are configured for
PowerPath, (for example, when you run powermt config)
PowerPath disables native multipathing on the devices it
manages by setting to false the leg_mpath_enable attribute


So for disks from 3par,make sure the disks are not under powerpath control, and  just use the mpxio device's "diskX"


Windows?, no thanks