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HP-UX11.11 and FS limit 1024GB

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HP-UX11.11 and FS limit 1024GB

hi colleagues

I don't like to ask questions on board, but our customer have strange problem.

they want to create VXFS filesystem size 1.3TB on HP-UX11.11, but get the following error:

[b]"Logical volume, lv_pst_sapdata, volume group, vg08, exceeds the
 maximum limit (1024 GBytes) allowed for VxFS file systems.  You will 
 not be able to create a VxFS file system that encompasses this entire
 logical volume."[/b]


All details I'll know tomorrow, but it's a strange situation. I know that VxFS limit on 11.11 -- 2TB, 1TB FS limit on v11.10.


Does anyone know what could be problem?


Thanks in advance.

Cortes Albertino
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Re: HP-UX11.11 and FS limit 1024GB



Try using command line instead of SAM, have a look first, if needed, to manual, i.e. man 1M newfs_vxfs.


Hope it helps,


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Re: HP-UX11.11 and FS limit 1024GB

According to Symantec, VxFS didn't support filesystems over 1.0 TB in size until layout version 5.  I can't figure out if layout version 5 became available HP-UX 11.11 or not.  If it did, it would need at a minimum HP OnlineJFS/JFS 3.5, probably with the addition of a few patches.


What version of JFS do you have installed?

Kris Knigga