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LVM and VxVM
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HPUX LVM and "NetApp's snapdrive"

Trusted Contributor

HPUX LVM and "NetApp's snapdrive"

Anyone here used NetApp's "snapdrive" to provision storage in HPUX? We have HPUX 11.31, and installed snapdrive recently.  Having used HPUX LVM for sometime, I don't have any history to go with how snapdrive plays with HPUX LVM.


Just like to know if there are gochas specially with systems with ServiceGuard. Please share lessons learned if you have them too.



f. halili


Re: HPUX LVM and "NetApp's snapdrive"

No sure about ServiceGurard, haven't used it with it.  Patching with NetApp is always a problem as they will invalidate the system support if the configuration is not on their IMT.  Big pain.  Trusted systems in HP/UX don't work with Snapdrive 5.  If running FC, the type of cards is important as some types just don't work.  But you've probably already figured this out by now.