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How do I check if a DiskGroup can be imported

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How do I check if a DiskGroup can be imported

Hello Folks,

How are you ?. Scenario :: (VxVM)

Storage admin presented a bunch of disks to a new system. The disks belong to a Disk group DG1 which has 10 disks.

Is there a way I can figure out if the storage admin did a good job(presented all the disks, not a subset of the DG with the right kind of access etc) without importing the Diskgroup ?.

I can do a "vxdisk -o alldgs list" and count the number of disks. But I don't think that is the best way (if the DG has a clone, you see what I am saying).

I would like to hear your views.


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Re: How do I check if a DiskGroup can be imported


* diskinfo for each of the vxvm luns, should give the correct size of the vxvm luns.

(if it f.e. gives the size 0, there is a hardware issue)

# vxdisk -o alldgs list|grep

for each disk in the deported diskgroup
# vxdisk list

* Check if all paths are in enabled state for each of the vxvm luns

* Check the udid, it should be unique for each hardware lun, clone luns included (so you could check on the host, the diskgroup is imported, if the udid of the vxvm luns that make up the diskgroup there, are also present in the vxdisk list output of the disks that are on the host that the diskgroup is deported..) )

Do a quick dump of the diskgroup database of one of the vxvm luns of the deported diskgroup database

(standard, 6 disks of a diskgroup should have a diskgroup database, which can be "dumped")

# /etc/vx/diag.d/vxprivutil dumpconfig /dev/rd(i)sk/cXtYdZ(/diskX) > /var/tmp/vxprivutil_dc_dg.out

# cat /var/tmp/vxprivutil_dc_dg.out|vxprint -D - -ht