IO errors.

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IO errors.

# ALRN /dev/vgALRN_1/lvoraALRN /volumes/oraALRN vxfs delaylog 0 3 /dev/vgALRN_1/lvarchALRN /volumes/archALRN vxfs delaylog 0 3 /dev/vgALRN_2/lvmirrALRN /volumes/mirrALRN vxfs delaylog 0 3 /dev/vgALRN_3/lvdbALRN /volumes/dbALRN vxfs delaylog 0 3 #/dev/vgALRN_3/lvdbALRN /volumes/dbALRN vxfs rw,suid,largefiles,delaylog,nodatainlog,mincache=direct,convosync=direct 0 3 /dev/vgALRN_4/lvmflshALRN /volumes/flshALRN vxfs delaylog 0 3




All, I have change the parameters of file system /volumes/dbALRN to mincache=direct,convosync=direct All the above FS are in same VG, But i have changed only one. After implemetin that we have received many IO errors due to which database went offine. Using fsck we remounted the FS but same problem occured for other file systems as well and the changes were reverted back and no errors were encounterd again Can someone please share inputs on this

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Re: I/O errors.

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