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Import/Mount a HP-UX volume group onto AIX

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Roy Shiladitya

Import/Mount a HP-UX volume group onto AIX


My query is to check whether it is possible to use the same EMC Clarion LUN and attach and mount this on HP-UX as well as an AIX LPAR. ( not simultaneously of course ).
The situation is that we currently have HP-UX VG on a Clarion LUN, the requirement is for this to be made available daily to an AIX p550 LPAR, for a current project, and then back to the HP-UX host for normal processing.
The navisphere client is runing on both HP-UX and AIX and so both can see the Clarion and the LUN can be presented to both hosts.
I was thinking on the lines of doing a vgexport on the HP-UX , running cfgmgr on AIX and then importvg on AIX with the hdisk just presented. Then vice -versa.
IS this possible at all ???
If so what is the ideal way to do this ?
And also on AIX is there a way to run a importvg with a mapfile option ( the map file from the vgexport on HP-UX) and run exportvg tocreate a map file so that it can be used for import on HP-UX ?
Am new to AIX so not sure about the options
So for if my explanation is a bit all over ..


Steven E. Protter
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Re: Import/Mount a HP-UX volume group onto AIX

Shalom Roy,

Don't have a real total answer.

I suggest backing up the data and running vgexport.

Then you'll need to have the SAN admin assign the LUN to AIX and work with their utilities.

Hopefully an AIX expoert will complete the answer.

If AIX has lvm the options should be recognizable if not similar to what you are used to in HP-UX

Steven E Protter
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Andrew Young_2
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Re: Import/Mount a HP-UX volume group onto AIX

Hi Roy

The short answer is No. The AIX and HP-UX implementations of LVM are not compatible.

I'm not even sure that the AIX will natively read an HP-UX vxfs filesystem either.

Depending on the nature of your data use either use NFS to access the data, or investigate a third party LVM manager that is supported on both platforms. Maybe a product like Storage Foundation by Symantec/Veritas. I am not familiar with the product though.

Note that if there is a binary component to you data you will need to make sure that both implementations will be able to read it. For example an Oracle 10g database on HP-UX will not be readable by an AIX implementation of Oracle 10g.


Andrew Young
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Roy Shiladitya

Re: Import/Mount a HP-UX volume group onto AIX

Thanks for the response guys, I guess it is not a very feasible option to do it on the lvm level.