LVM Locks

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LVM Locks

A quick LVM question with regard to lvm locks. If we were attempting to run a vgimport and there was already an LVM operation in progress, would we see a LVM lock error or message in the syslog.log related to this? Do these type of events normally write to the syslog.log?

Steven E. Protter
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Re: LVM Locks

Shalom KPS,

You would see these type of messages to standard output when you try and run the vgimport command.

I think you would also see this in dmesg and syslog.log. One might try to do this on a test system to be certain.

Steven E Protter
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James R. Ferguson
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Re: LVM Locks


The '/etc/lvmconf/lvm_lock' file prevents multiple LVM processes from accessing the '/etc/lvmtab' at the same time.

I'm not sure if this is "can't lock" errors are recorded in the 'syslog.log'.

What are you trying to do? What problem are you experiencing? What error message(s) are you seeing? A description of your environment would be helpful too.


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Re: LVM Locks

We have a server that runs multiple backups via BCV. The times of when the various VG's and filesystems get activated and mounted are staggered to attempt to avoid LVM locks. Yesterday we added in an additional backup and the vgimport did not work and we don't even see any sign of the vgimport attempting to run of the volume group against the mapfile that we intend to use in the syslog.log. We cannot duplicate this issue off peak hours and our scripts work just great when run manually and not from a scheduled manner.

The above is why I was asking if LVM Lock issues would be recorded to the syslog.log. We may need to enhance the logging to see where the break point is.

Thanks to the both of you for your responses.