LVM end of life

Steve Lewis
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LVM end of life

Two years ago people said that LVM was on the way out, then the port of AdvFS was stopped (is this true?) and I believe that we are still going to have both LVM and VXVM for a while.

Does anyone know how long this situation is going to last? Is LVM going to be removed from new releases of HP-UX and if so, when?

I understand that LVM will still be supported for many years to come anyway, but at some point soon I will receive a new machine and I may need to learn vxvm to be properly prepared.
Reading other threads on the subject, it seems that vxfs is highly tunable, but easily tuned badly if you just use the simple GUI.

Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: LVM end of life

Hi Steve,

There are a few interesting articles below. None of them mention the end of life for lvm by the way.

Hope this helps,
harry d brown jr
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Re: LVM end of life

I haven't seen or heard of any drop dead dates. It's probably a good idea to get some vxfs under your belt.

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harry d brown jr
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Re: LVM end of life


LVM is not going to go, It's already in use in Linux, how can you expect HP to drop LVM.
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Re: LVM end of life

Hi Steve,
We had 2 weeks ago a small meeting with some HP representatives wanting to discuss the release of 11iv2 and possible plans for migrations...
After letting everyone express themselves I thought it may be my time to point up a few remarks:
I have to face the fact that if you say: Well it means that you will have to go slowly to a change of architecture (Itanium) meaning as the HP guys have said yes so binaries are not compatible and its a change of platform - I will have to find very good reasons for such a porting knowing that at that stage we could very well change of platform altogether ((AIX)And I know I will not win!)...
Answers about PARISC was there is no end of support announced before 2012 - Yes the port of ADVFS has been stopped but NO LVM will still be there in 11iv2 and 11iv3, and that VXVM was there for people having to do clustering because of veritas locking system in HA...
So I suppose theend of LVM will come with the end of PA-RISC...(If it dies...)

All the best
Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: LVM end of life

AdvFS is a (quite magic) filesystem, but in itself quite unrelated to LVM. The Tru64 LVM was something that looked like Veritas, but I think AdvFS was more a danger to vxfs and it probably got dropped due to the 'bettered' relationships between HP and Veritas.

Anyway You should invest some time in vxvm, the Veritas Volume Manager, to have some practice. I.e. after You imported and actived a vg You're not ready to mount anything - vol start lvname to have the available / synced state You're used.

Personally I'd say that VxVM is only worth the effort for clusters, where it's features are helpfull (e.g. reading the nodeid of a volumegroup without etheric commands), for a regular system VxVM has too many layers of overhead.

So I'd hope we stay with both options for many years, but we'll see what HP is planning.

To the other poster that had a meeting with HP on this - even if I like hp-ux better (no strange linker or no real runlevels) I have a slight suspicion that AIX is far more complete in what You get for Your money.
as in: vg mirroring, lvm snapshots, workload manager.
still I'd not want to have to deal with IBM.
ever opened a call for a broken PSU? ("No, I can not lookup the system planar microcode now.")
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: LVM end of life

HP has said in numerous press releases that vxvm and LVM are going to be supported for the foreseeable future.

The AdvFS course of action seems fuzzier. I've not heard anyone speak on that topic.

There is definite value in learning VxVM for your own market value and the fact that you could be forced to use it for various reasons.

Steven E Protter
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