Lvols stale after CA Failover.

Cresswell Williams
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Lvols stale after CA Failover.

Hi Experts

I did a CA Fail over from live to DR and before failing over, I shutdown the live site server. When failing back, and rebooting the server live site server, two of the lvols presented on the EVA, were stale and could not be mounted. They appear when I do a vgdisplay, but with no data present.

I did a rm /dev/vg02/lvol3 /dev/vg02/rlvol3 and recreated the those lvols. This was successfull.

Then I did a Data Protector File System restore to the server, but with some unpredictable results:
Firstly: /dev/vg02/lvol3 is mounted on /oracle/PRD
and /dev/vg02/lvol4 is mounted on /oracle/PRD/mirrlogA.

When Data Protector does a FS backup it backsup everything under /oracle/PRD and also /oracle/PRD/mirrlogA. So when I do a restore on /oracle/PRD it restores mirrlogA as a directory. Then I mount /dev/vg02/lvol4 on /oracle/PRD/mirrlogA and do a restore to /oracle/PRD/mirrlogA, but when I do a bdf I see that /oracle/PRD and /oracle/PRD/mirrlogA are the same size, but under mirrlogA it contains the data its supposed to....

This is really confusing....

Firstly, what can cause a lvol to go corrupt in this scenario, especially when the server is off and I worked only on the replicated LUNs
and Secondly, what could cause /oracle/PRD and /oracle/PRD/mirrlogA to be the same size????

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards

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Re: Lvols stale after CA Failover.

HI Cresswell,
I have two doubts.
why you did
rm /dev/vg02/lvol3 /dev/vg02/rlvol3?
You want to remove lvol3 from the volume group is it? If that is your intention you should have done lvremove /dev/vg02/lvol3.
To solve your "bdf" inconsistency problem, i suggest you do the following steps.

1) umount /dev/vg02/lvol4
2) rm -rf /oracle/PRD/mirrlogA
3) mkdir /oracle/PRD/mirrlogA
4) mount /dev/vg02/lvol4 /oracle/PRD/mirrlogA

The above steps will solve your problem.