ODE install problem

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ODE install problem

Hi everybody,

I've got error message during installation of ODE files on the alternate disk in MirrorDisk/UX environment.

Command is:
mkboot -b /usr/sbin/diag/lif/updatediaglif2 \
-p HPUX -p ISL -p AUTO -p LABEL -p PAD /dev/rdisk/disk5

Error is:
The requested boot programs will not fit on the specified device.

This is 11.31 box, the process of creation of alternate disks worked perfectly for me on 11.11 platform, but not now on 11.31...

Any ideas?

Thank you,
Tim Nelson
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Re: ODE install problem

I have not installed ODE myself but my first guess is the default 500MB used during the idisk is not enough.

Are you using the proper device file ? /dev/rdisk/disk5_p# instead ??

Re-partition the disk and start over ?

Steven E. Protter
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Re: ODE install problem


If its worth it to you, ODE seems to require you to carve up your disk and allocate it more space.

Or there is something there outside the OS partition that does not belong. Take a look for that.

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Re: ODE install problem


regarding partitions and idisk, I forgot to mention, I use PA-RISC server (rp3410)...

Any ideas, how to solve my problem?

Andrew Rutter
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Re: ODE install problem


Dont know if this will help or not as you havent mentioned which date/revision of the diagnostics bundle you have or are trying to install

but from the release notes of the latest version mar 08

The ODE March 2008 release includes the following defect fixes:

The LIF-LOAD product is a subset of Offline Diagnostics for the HP 9000 systems. LIF-LOAD is intended to be installed to the boot area of the system disk. The installation of the LIF-LOAD product does not work for HP-UX 11i v3 systems. The /var/adm/sw/swagent.log file after the installation of the LIF-LOAD product has the following error messages:
WARNING: Primary boot path variable not a character device. The offline diagnostics were not installed. This defect is now fixed.


However the procedure has changed since the earlier updatediaglif2 days with 11.31.

You need to install the lif-load package from the diagnostics cd

See the details in this link at page 18


Hp recommends running the ODE form the CD now on PA systems rather than the disk

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Re: ODE install problem

Some time (years?) ago the offline diags were bundled in to the online diags, by installing STM you got this updatediaglif file.

But this is changed, the offline diags are now available as a ISO image. On this CD is a script that runs swinstall, copy this file into the filesystem and runs the lif copy command.

When was the last time you used ODE?

If you really feel you need it, just burn the ISO to CD and boot from the CD.

Maybe easier.

Hope this helps!

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Re: ODE install problem

Thank you for your replies...

ODE CD will be solution for me.