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LVM and VxVM
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Online DB File System Defargmentation

Regular Advisor

Online DB File System Defargmentation



We run 24x7 Oracle & Progress databases and are considering using fsadm to regularly defrag the file systems.  Is there any user performance degradation or any other implication to running fsadm while the databases are open?


Will it be prudent to run them during quieter periods?


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Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Online DB File System Defargmentation

It is very unusual for VxFS filesystems to require defrag. Unless you have some results that a defrag improves performance, I would never recommend defrag. Defrag can be fairly invasive as the rearrangement uses a careful series of steps to avoid data loss or corruption.  Oracle normally does not create, extend and remove massive numbers of files which is a typical way that fragmentation might occur. Progress is similar. Here's a Progress performance note:


Before deciding to defrag, run the defrag reports with fsadm -E and -D.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin