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PX_NOPV on lvdisplay

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PX_NOPV on lvdisplay

Hi peer
i lvextended an lvol (from a PVG, mirroring the lvol to another PVG).
the command is still in execution but the lvdisplay gives PX_NOPV oon description of disks of mirrored copy of ALL physical extent.
Any suggestion

The VG is a cluster VG, and anoter hosts as a different pvg definition of such vg.

Thanks and regards
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Re: PX_NOPV on lvdisplay


It is obvious that some command failure has
left the logical volume in state where extents are not assigned to a physical volume correctly.

There is a nice Technical Knowledge Base document ULVMKBRC00009684 that describes
your problem .

Several possibilities:

a) Check your patches. For example,
PHKL_31500 addresses it for HP-UX 11.23.

PHKL_35970 for HP-UX 11.11.

b) Reduce the logical volume and "rebuild
the mirroring"

lvreduce -m 0 ....


VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic