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Problem to add one node to cluster


Problem to add one node to cluster

Hi, everybody.

I have a three-node cluster with MC/Service Guard and LVM.

I want to add one node more, but I execute

cmcheckconf -v -C

cmapplyconf -v -C

and the output is

Adding node mtc1sgi4 to cluster mtc1sgi.
Protocol failure talking with cmclconfd on mtc1sgi4 (1) : File exists
Error: Unable to initialize Volume Group /dev/vgMESPSRP on node mtc1sgi4.
Check the syslog file on that node for more information.
cmapplyconf : Unable to apply the configuration

also in the syslog.log display

Unable to setup the volume group id for /dev/vgMESPSRP: File exists

Can anybody tell me how to resolv this problem

Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem to add one node to cluster


There are couple of possibilities. There may be a vgid conflict. Generate mapfiles exporting the VGs with preview and -s option and find out the VGID and compare them with other VGs on all the nodes in the cluster.

On mtc1sgi4, there may be a group device conflict. If the kernel had already registered the group device then this error may result. A reboot should clear up this issue.

Try manually activating the vg vgEMSPSRP and see what happens.


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