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Problem while booting with SecurePath 3.0D on HP-UX 11.0

Hathairath Duanglaykha
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Problem while booting with SecurePath 3.0D on HP-UX 11.0


I have a problem while booting HP-UX 11.0 with SecurePath 3.0D installed. The problem is i have to interrupt (by enter some keys)fsck & mount process of bcheckrc script that trying to fsck and mount filesystems under SecurePath control. If i did not interrupt, i have to wait for long time untill timeout reach (5 MINS) for each filesystem then the system continue booting. I do not have problem about activate VG or mount filesystem by the script of SecurePath after system bootup. My question is:
How can i skip fsck & mount filesystem that under SecurePath control? (no need to wait at console to send interrupt keys to continue boot process)
Kent Ostby
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Re: Problem while booting with SecurePath 3.0D on HP-UX 11.0

Not sure if this is the issue you are running into, but there is a known issue if you have removed one of the vdisks without going through the whole procedure:

To resolve the condition described above, it is necessary
to delete LUNs according to the procedure described in the
following Installation and Reference Guide:

hp Storage Works
Secure Path v3.0D for HP-UX 11i
v1.0, 11i v2.0 and HP-UX 11i
v1.0, 11i v2.0 Workgroup

The following text is taken from the section named
"Deleting LUNs", page 89:

Deleting LUNs

To unpresent a storage device or array from the
Secure Path for HSx configuration, use the
following procedure:

1. Delete the device or array from Secure Path
for HSx using spmgr delete.

2. Remove or unpresent the device from the array.

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