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Problems with lvextend & extendfs

C-M Maier
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Problems with lvextend & extendfs

Hi @all,

i'm a new user working with HPUX. I installed a used machine with HPUX11 to use this machine as a install-server for DataProtector...i used the standard installation on the server os cd. All works fine, but now a have a problem to extend the /usr directory. It was no problem to extend the partiton with lvextend, but the extendfs command only runs by unmount the volume. But this is not possible on a running system. How do i solve this problem. Is there a minimal kernel boot or something similar

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Re: Problems with lvextend & extendfs

Hi Maier,
you install onlineJFS but it is a licensens product. And use the command fsadm.
Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: Problems with lvextend & extendfs


Yes. Unless you have OnlineJFS installed on the system, you will not be able to extend /usr in multi-user mode. You will have to bring up the system in single-user mode and then extend it. The boot sequence is slightly different based on the hardware you have. Reboot the system.

#shutdown -r now

When the system completes the hardware tests, you will be give a 10 sec time to stop the boot sequence. Stop the boot. It will put you to bootadmin prompt and interact with ISL.

bootadmin>bo pri
Interfact with ISL> Yes
ISL>hpux -is

This will take you to single user mode. Since you have already run lvextend command all you have to do is to extend the filesystem.

#/sbin/extendfs -F vxfs /dev/vg00/lvolx (replace lvolx with that of /usr)
#mount /usr
#bdf /usr

Boot to multi-user mode.

#init 3

If you have onlineJFS (swlist -l product |grep -i onlinejfs), then you can do it online Use the command

fsadm -b 2000m /opt (where 2000 is the new size in MB)

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Re: Problems with lvextend & extendfs


install OnlineJFS and use fsadm here


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C-M Maier
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Re: Problems with lvextend & extendfs

Thanks :-))

i have done it with the help from Sridar Bhaskarla and it was successfully...