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Raw Database Storage and Split Mirrors (Host or HW Based)

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Raw Database Storage and Split Mirrors (Host or HW Based)

There are moves (and I agree fully) to move to RAW storage. Our environments utilize VxVM and we utilize a product called FlashSnap (formerly called Fast Mirror Resync) - a host based mirror/resync facility that updates only changed blocks between source and mirror (on the volume level not filesystem). This facility and backup strategy has been working wonderfully for us since adoption 7 months ago.

My question now is - If we convert to raw storage will our current split mirror srategy encounter new problems? Since raw storage is basically a "data file" per, will the database engine have checks to check on the integrity of the split raw volume? Of course before the splits - the same gyrations as putting the DB in hot backup mode and/or suspending the database will still be in place.

Are there folks out there who employ raw database storage and and the same time employ split mirror backups either via software(host-based) or in-array?

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