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Replace a failed mirrored data disk

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Replace a failed mirrored data disk

I have data  Volume group vg01 (NO OS)  which has 6 disks and its mirrored.   Now one of the disk in that  logical volume (/dev/vg01/xx) is failed and I have to replace it.    Do I need to unmirror before replacing the disk or it will be an easier process than this?




 00018  /dev/dsk/c3t10d0        00018 current    /dev/dsk/c6t8d0          00018 current

 11803  /dev/dsk/c3t8d0           03122 current    /dev/dsk/c6t9d0          03122 current

 25942   /dev/dsk/c3t9d0           08580 stale        /dev/dsk/c6t10d0        08580 current


I have disk c3t9d0 failed?    What is the easy way of replacing disk c3t9d0?




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Re: Replace a failed mirrored data disk

Do not unmirror, you may break it.



Just do


# pvchange -a n /dev/dsk/c3t9d0


to make the disk unavailable to LVM.


Follow the guide:



Hope this helps!

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