SAN disks won't mount at boot

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SAN disks won't mount at boot

Running HP-UX 11.11 on two systems. Both are booting from local disks and connected to EVA 3000 for data disks.

When each of the systems boot up, this appears in the rc.log for every SAN volume:

vxfs mount: Cannot open /dev/vgxx/lvol1: No such device or address.

After the system boots, I am able to activate the volume groups using:
vgchange -a y vgxx
After activating each vg, I can mount them.

I'm just not sure why the volume groups are not activated and mounted automatically. Has anyone seen this? Or can you help with troubleshooting this issue?
Patrick Wallek
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Re: SAN disks won't mount at boot

Check your /etc/lvmrc file and see if you have 'AUTO_VG_ACTIVATE=0' or 'AUTO_VG_ACTIVATE=1'.

If it is 0, then you need to do 1 of 2 things:

1) Change it to 'AUTO_VG_ACTIVATE=1'. This will work as long as you are NOT running Serviceguard.

2) Add your VGs to the "custom_vg_activation" section of the file. There is an example in the file of how to do this.

Re: SAN disks won't mount at boot

What vesrion of SecurePath for HP-UX do you have?

The older versions had this problem. Upgrade to the latest version.



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Re: SAN disks won't mount at boot

Thanks Patrick. It looks like the problem is within the lvmrc. Its set to use a custom script because of serviceguard but my volume group names have changed without updating the lvmrc.