Secure Path Configuration

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Secure Path Configuration


I am looking for a sample config or config guide for secure path 3.0E for HPUX, i cannot find a guide that gives me a start to finish for installing & configuring secure path, have never set this up before so just want to make sure i have all the steps covered. Connecting an N4000(2HBA) with 2 Brocades to an EVA5000.

Any help or info welcome!

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Re: Secure Path Configuration

All recommended patches must be installed for your secure path 3.0E Version.

With the software you got a README file.
Read it carefully, it will tell you all the steps for installation. If it is delivered on CD then you can run the script.

If it ask what kind of software should be installed then choose the HSx software.

Part of the installation is to check if all needed patches are installed. Unfortunatly it does not check for superseeded patches. So you can get a error message but if you are sure you have installed the newer patch then just ignore this message and go on.

After reboot of the system you should see somthing like this

CPQswsp A.3.0E ... HP StorageWorks Secure Path Device Driver and utilities for HSx class of Disk Arrays.

Then you should attach your N4000 to the brocade systems. Create a Virtual Disk and present it to your host. Check on your host if you can see this disk with "spmgr display"
do an "ioscan -fnCdisk" and after this an "insf -e" to create the device files for the disk. Now you can treat this disk like all other disks in hp-ux.


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Re: Secure Path Configuration

some REqueried patches are old: like PHKL_30622 is supressed PHKL_31216.

and some additional patches are also supressed. :D maybe someone is interested which of them ? :D
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Re: Secure Path Configuration

and also please do not forget to do vgexport -p -m -s ....... etc.

Reason: all SAN HW paths will be changed to /255/255/0/0.x.x . and tharefor is better to get a backup of vg id's and also config is great for a case: everything goes wrong.