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Storage allocation in hp-ux 11.11

Occasional Contributor

Storage allocation in hp-ux 11.11

Hi All,


         I need the information about how to allocate storage in hp-ux 11.11.


        How to get the persistent dsf details in hp-ux 11.11


        and also how to find the RAID configuration in all hp-ux servers.


       Please help me to find those details

Ken Grabowski
Respected Contributor

Re: Storage allocation in hp-ux 11.11

HP-UX uses LVM to allocate storage in most cases.  Start by reading the man page on lvm "man lvm" from the command line. There is an optional Veritas Volume Manager that could be installed for VxVM file systems. Otherwise you are probably using HFS for /stand and vxfs for the rest of the file systems.


I'm not aware of anyway to get persistent dsf on 11.11. It is standard starting with 11.31.


If you have Mirrordisk-UX, an optional product, then you can allocate RAID 1 mirrors within LVM.  If you have installed RAID controllers in the system then you can use the software supported by that controller.  Most probably saconfig for 11.11, but it depends on the installed hardware.  If you have SAN storage then you can talk to yours storage team on allocations.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Storage allocation in hp-ux 11.11

How you allocate storage is going to depend on the type of disk you are using.  The typical process in a SAN environment is to create LUNs on the SAN and assign them to a server.  When you have verified that the server can see the disks you can either incorporate them into a current volume group or create a new volume group with those disks.  Once the VG has been created you can create logical volumes and then mount the logical volumes.


If you have direct attached disks the process is generally the same.  You just may or may not have to create the LUNs.


HP-UX 11.11 does not use persistent dsf natively.  All disks in HP-UX 11.11, and up to version 11.23, use the c?t?d? device files.  The persistent dsf's, disk1, disk2, disk3, do not come into play until HP-UX 11.31.


The RAID configuration will depend on what type of server you have.  You can see if a logical volume has been mirrored by looking at the "Mirror Copies" line of 'lvdisplay -v' output.  If you have a raid controller in the server you will have to use other commands to get that.  The commands you use will depend on the server and the RAID controller.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Storage allocation in hp-ux 11.11

There is additional software that can do the equivalent of persistent dsf's for HP-UX 11.11.  EMC Powerpath is one.  This will allow load balancing, failover, etc. for EMC disk arrays.  HP has equivalent software for their disk arrays and I'm sure other vendors do as well.